Black Friday and Why YOU Need to be Ready

Black Friday and Why YOU Need to be Ready

Black Friday! Depending on your perspective, these two words, both quite innocent on their own, will have one of two reactions on you. Either you will run away screaming until it’s all over or you will get a gleam of excitement in your eye because it’s just like Marmite; you either love or hate the annual shop-and-spendfest.

One group of people who will certainly have that twinkle in their eye is those who own retail businesses, both online and in physical stores. Rightly so, as literally billions of pounds, dollars, euros and the rest will be spent in a mere few hours, as a frenzy of intent bargain hunters grab what they can (even if that is the hair of the old lady who just beat them to a bargain toaster),

The wild scenes in physical stores, where fights and injuries are not uncommon, have left some retailers not to bother doing a Black Friday sale at all while some tried to space out the crowds by having Black Friday Week. The joy of having ecommerce websites is that there ISN’T a physical store for the chaos to happen in and therefore no chaos can happen, no matter how much you excite and interest visitors with your Black Friday Bargains!

That said, it is important to be prepared for BlacK Friday in a number of ways, particularly if you want to have the virtual visitors queuing up to barge into your virtual store! Black Friday for you really will have all the negative connotations that the phrase immediately suggests if nobody knows about your amazing bargains. And, once they are there, you need to understand and analyse their behaviour as a whole as well as making them come back at a later date.

Sound tough? It is. And it gets tougher every day with new e-Commerce Websites popping up by the day, But the good thing is that the Brick team have been chosen for their proven ability to continually come up with the goods in spite of, even BECAUSE of, just such challenging conditions.

So if you want to be in the Black and not in the Red, then call Brick today and let us show you just how we can transform your online presence, for Black Friday, for christmas, forever.

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