British surfers spend £71 a month online

Recent reports show a 20% retail growth in the U.K.

43% of UK online now make a purchase online at least once a week and the average UK consumer spends on average £71 per month.
Most believe that better bargains can be found by shopping online and over half like the convenience of having their products delivered.
- 39% believe there is more choice online
- 28% prefer the ease of shopping from home or work
- 19% don't like the experience of shopping in-store or in the High Street
- 2% feel safer shopping online.

This doesn't stop online shoppers from criticising... Websites with poor quality images and products descriptions drive 42% of people away, while 32% find difficult navigation a reason to leave sites. Lack of credible contact details and a cumbersome checkout journey is a turn-off.

The purchase and delivery experiences can contribute to whether or not a customer will return. Products that aren't as described or are delivered late will deter many from returning to your e-commerce website.

When one person has a poor experience they tell others, and the same goes for a positive experience. Continuing on our August theme of “people do business with people” a great majority of shoppers will find you from a referral from their friend or family member.
At our monthly workshops we help our clients to do better, how to create a more positive “customer journey”, what steps you can take to provide a much better online experience. Make sure that you invest the time to attend. Please call Claire on 01254 277190 to find out about our next workshop and get yourself booked in.

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