Congratulations to Hayley and the Lancashire Twisters

Brick technology are always preaching to our internet marketing clients about how they should make their news content varied, dynamic and exciting. We encourage them to include new product and service announcements, exhibition information, award details but also to intersperse this with personal and employee information too.

We know that we are not the best at making personal announcements and in the last couple of years we have only announced the arrival of two new employees, a wedding and the arrival of one of our staff member’s baby girl. Yet we know how much we preach about adding personality to your site. Now we are showing our customers another little insight into Brick technology and our Brickweb family.

Hayley our office administrator is a member of the Lancashire Twisters Cheerleading Squad and at the weekend she competed in the International Cheerleading Coalition (ICC) competition which was held in Nottingham on the 25th and 26th March 2012.

Her team were entered in at Level 5 Senior Co-Ed Limited and there are both males and females within her team who were competing for the world bid. This is the chance to go to the World Cheerleading Championships in Disneyland, Florida to represent the UK within this category.

The whole team at Brick technology, web design would like to congratulate Hayley and her team on achieving 1st place at the competition even though sadly they didn’t get the world bid this time. You can watch them in action in the video at the bottom of this page.

Not too worry they managed to grab themselves a trophy and take 1st place and there is always next year’s competition for them to come back stronger than before and hopefully achieve the world bid to represent the UK at Worlds.

It is always nice and makes a change when customers and clients can see some personal stuff which is going on within a business. People do business with people! We are not saying fill your latest news with personal announcements and turn it into an agony aunt column but every once in a while just add a touch of personality!

Congratulations to the Lancashire Twisters Cheerleading Squad and well done our Brick family member Hayley from everyone at Brick technology, web design in Lancashire. You can watch them in action below:


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