Content: A Thought for the Weekend!

Yes it is Friday! The end of the week where the majority of people look forward to as they get to have a break from work. Brick technology web design however have some weekend homework for our internet marketing customers.

In regards to Search Engine Optimisation, SEO then it is important that regular content which is high in quality appears on your website. Within this content you can have the opportunity to target a larger pool of keywords which in turn can increase your chance of people linking to your website.

When people link to your website then it can attract more visitors who search for these keywords and providing they are relevant then these visitors could convert and make a purchase of your product or service.

Obviously increasing search engine rankings through content on your company website is one thing but content can do so much more when implemented into your web design.

Content is extremely important for creating a brand image. Through content your business or company is presented to the customers. Yes web design is important, the site has to look good and be user accessible but just think about your website for a moment.

Can visitors to your site easily located products and services, add items to the basket, find the information they need, contact you if they need to?

They may well be able to do a whole range of things, but if your blog or news section is empty and the last time something went in there was 8th May 2002 then how off putting is that?

Similarly how off putting is it to find content which has been invaded with grammatical errors, typos and sentences that don’t even make sense!

Content is important but ensuring that this content is of high quality and is unique is just as important too – otherwise you may as well have left it blank.

So what kind of content should you use on your website in order for it to make any real impact or to make a difference to the lives of your website visitors?

News, this can be really easy to do and can help your company or business to look:

  • Knowledgeable – providing information regarding your industry sector
  • Approachable – providing information regarding personal events for example a staff member may be getting married.
  • Informative – top tips for applying wallpaper to a wall, your not shoving products in the face of the visitor but providing them with some free helpful hints and tips.

Blogs, these are great for customer engagement! Letting your website visitors know what is going on within the company, and allowing them a little bit of an insight.

Case studies, these are great for showing off your experience within a particular industry. They also show your company to be active and actually give website visitors something to relate too in regard to the service or product they can expect.

Video, this is a fairly new concept but it is a great way to show your cutting edge and well into the 21st century. Good quality video content can be anything from an interview with the managing director(s) to product related ones; how to fit a lock to a door.

Now all this content is well and good and could be extremely beneficial providing you take the time to check it over and ensure it isn’t boring, grammatically incorrect with lots of spelling mistakes and completely irrelevant.

Content also needs to contain your keywords or phrases which a searcher using a search engine may type in and be lead to your site.

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