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Consumers in the UK prefer email marketing to direct mail, social media and telemarketing, according to a survey conducted by Brick technology.

When asked to rate their preference of how they receive marketing messages, most of respondents (62%) said email was their preferred way of communication, this was followed by direct mail (23%), and social media (13%). The least popular way to be contacted (surprise, surprise) was telesales, 80% putting it right at the bottom of their list.

The survey also found that email communications frequently lead to purchases and enquiries, three-quarters (75%) of respondents reported that they had bought products or services as a direct result of receiving an email newsletter.

The most common items purchased as a result of direct email marketing were clothes (82%), followed by restaurants by almost half (49%) of respondents. Other popular products bought included grocery items (40%) and electronics (38%).

When it comes to social media, 40 percent of respondents said they receive communication from vendors on the social networking sites they use, such as Facebook and Twitter. One in five people (17%) have opted in or requested that companies actively contact them via social media interaction. 

"This reflects what we are seeing in the e-marketplace: newsletters are popular. it is more interactive and inclusive, can be highly tailored and is a compelling and actionable marketing method," said James Shannon, Innovations manager for Brick technology. 
"Although some see the uptake and interest in social media as low, this is a new interactive channel that our customers are warming to. Of course, the age range that said they would prefer to be contacted via social media were the 18 to 25 year-olds. With applications such as Facebook reaching 300 million active users, we continue to see that webmasters who ignore the potential of social media are slow to see it's full potential."

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