GDPR Workshop: Book NOW!

GDPR Workshop: Book NOW!

We have published several articles recently on the subject of the GDPR, a new set of protocols regarding the way in which customer data is taken, stored and managed by retailers online. Brick will be delivering an in-depth workshop on the topic soon and there are limited places available so the time to book yours is NOW…

The amount of places that we now have our personal data is huge and is growing all the time. Whether it is something as simple as your email address on a newsletter database or is much more important such as your bank card details stored on a website you have purchased goods from, your data is everywhere. This proliferation of data has become attractive to hackers, scammers and other online threats, who seek to sue it for illicit gain.

In the past few years, there have been several serious data breaches, from top-name phone companies to the NHS. In each case, sensitive personal data of all kinds has been accessed by unauthorised persons and sometimes used for financial or other gain. These high-profile cases have forced European government to act and the GDPR is the result.

For a more detailed list of what the GDPR will cover, you can review recent articles on the news page of our website here at Brick but it basically places much more emphasis on the responsibility of the holder of such details, ie the company or organisation that recorded and stored the data in the first place. Such organisations will have to show that they have taken every possible step in ensuring data was protected in the event of a breach and face massive fines if they haven’t done so.

Making sure that your online business or organisation is ready when the GDPR becomes international law is essential and is only complicated and difficult if you don’t have an expert guide to help you prepare. We have plenty of expertise and are ready to share it with you at our workshop; all you need to do is book your place, which you can do right now by giving us a call here at Brick.

Our workshop will be held at Ewood Park Blackburn Rovers on Wednesday 28th March at 2pm.

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