Google celebrate Pac-Man 30th Birthday with playable Google logo

It seems that even the worlds most popular Search Engine Google is still looking for new ideas to create a buzz and drive traffic to their site. To mark the 30th Birthday of Pac-Man, Google made their logo into a playable pac-man game, which quickly became the talk of Twitter and Facebook

Pac-Man is playable on http://­www.­google.­co.­uk 

Google Logo change

You may see the Google logo change from time to time to represent landmark events and national holidays. However, none of these have created such interest as the current change. Throughout the day Pacman trended on Twitter, whilst word quickly spread across Facebook.

Keep it simple - Pacman and Google

Their are of course similarities between Pacman and Google, both are very basic, straight to the point and easy to use. This could be part of the reason for Pacman being choosen as the first interactive Google doodle.

Being basic and straight to the point is what people want from a website. Ensure that your site structure is correct and easy to navigate, so that your customer only has to click a few times to reach their goal. Keep your site fresh with news about recent events or products, whilst choosing a title that tells the customer in a few words what the news item is about.

Be innovative! Brick Technology will always listen to client suggestions if you wish to add something to your website or require a redesign.

Brick Technology Content Management System

Brick Technology websites all have a content management system meaning that if you have a Brick Technology website it is possible for you to easily change your site structure and add news items to your site. Although, it is recommended that you contact one of the team or attend a monthly workshop before changing your site structure.

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