How To Be Sucessful At Email Marketing

There are many email marketers now in competition for your attention, inboxes have become increasingly cluttered.  So how do businesses get their email messages read by their customers? In the past a lot of success has been had by a personalized subject to the name of recipient.  However today’s consumers, needs, desires and preference’s are constantly changing so now just knowing the name of the customer is not enough.

Customers are now responding better to emails that are targeted at their individual interests.  Marketers therefore must know what types of products their customers like, what kind of offers and deals will appeal to a new customer and a returning customer.   Email marketers must now work harder than ever to cater to their subscribers needs through testing, relevant tactics and behavioral analysis.  According to Emarketter the top reasons people don’t open their email marketing messages are

1: Emails come too frequently

2: Customer is not interested in the product or service

3: The recipient considers the message to be spam

4: The customer doesn’t require products or services from the company anymore

5: The subscriber does not remember signing up

6:  Business does not  understand  its customer preferences,  does the customer  check email on their  phone or email,  is the email formatted right so it’s easy to read ?

Email marketing has taken over as the most successful way to drive traffic and sales to your website. 

Email marketing is just one of the many services you can get from doing your internet marketing with us here at Brick technology.

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