Is Social Media FREE?

It is something we haven’t really touched upon at Brick technology web design but what is the cost of social media to a company or business? In order to set up a social media strategy and get the most out of it then how much do you have to pay out in order to get the success you want?

Businesses have a great opportunity through social media of creating miniature communities where their customers can speak to them as well as speak to each other regarding the purchase of a product. Social media is at the height of its popularity right now and everyone is jumping onboard but not everyone knows what they are doing.

Seting up a profile on the more popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is FREE but this is where companies and businesses become mislead. What they do not realise is the investment in these they need to make in order to run such social media campaigns successfully. Just like you wouldn’t have a website online and leave it unmaintained and untouched the same does for social media.

In addition to having someone in charge of heading the social media campaign of your company as well as investing their time and effort into maintaining it you also need to realise that there may be additional items which you require and these come at a cost. Items such as advertising which needs to be carried out correctly and professionally but when it is then it can have a great return on investment for the business.

Why invest time, effort and money into social media?

  • Customer Engagement
    Social media is a great way to engage with people who have already decided that they like your brand, your company, your products and services as they have chosen to “Like” you or “Follow” you and therefore these are extremely credible people who you should spend time engaging with and focusing on direct customer engagement.  You can offer useful hints and tips or just engage with them in other means but either way it shows a personality to the business and company and remember it is social, so be yourself!
  • Speed of Feedback
    Social media is a great way of getting the feedback you would like quickly and easily. You can simply post a question or query about something and have your fans or followers give you their opinion. Not only is this good for the business but it is also good for customer relations as your showing them that you are a business who takes onboard customer feedback and is interested in what your customers think.
  • Brand Building
    Customers listen to other customers; by having a maintained social media profile on say Facebook and Twitter you can create miniature communities. If you can get customers talking to other customers about your products and services as well as recommending them and sharing them through their own personal profiles then this can be great for your brand. It spreads your brand name around as well as credible recommendations which people do take note of. This process could lead to new customers as well as the ability through engagement on socials to retain existing customers.
  • Reach
    With the amount of people who choose to be online and join a social network it has meant that there is now a huge target market all collected in one place and so why would you not want to be known on social network sites and let all these people know who you are and what your company is about?
  • Lead Generation
    As Facebook and other social media sites collect so much information about you when you are running say a Facebook advertising campaigns then you are in a position to target specific people based on their qualities, location, hobbies, interests and other valuable information they provide. You could say launch a campaign for FREE spray tanning for women, within Blackburn who are aged 18-35 years old and like going out socialising. By targeting the specifics you can get your perfect customer and generate more leads.

If you want help and guidance as you simply do not know where to begin with social media and starting a effective social media campaign then come to Brick technology and our internet marketing team can hold your hand and help you each step of the way.

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