Mobile Marketing Changing The Way You Shop!

Smartphones, they seem to have been in existence now for quite some time and many of us cannot imagine going through our day to day activities without one. Did you know though that they are becoming the dominant connection which links consumers to brands? They are being used for mobile marketing and are being used rather effectively!

Now being used as a shopping tool for research, decision making and purchase process smartphones are used by 79% of people who use their phones to shop and a further 70% will use their smartphone whilst in store.

In comparison those who use their smartphone are more informed, influential and promiscuous than ever and they have a need for brands to keep them connected and enhance customer journey.

Retailers are now changing the way in which they lay out their stores; previously customers had a single, linear journey. Now though customers can expect a multiplatform, multichannel experience which enhances their retail experience.

The idea behind using smartphone technology is to try and integrate social networks such as Twitter and Facebook enriching the relationship between a brand and customers. Through smartphone technology brands are offering personal retail experiences which in turn will hopefully result in loyalty of customers and encourage visits to the store which will in theory lead to an increase in sales.

On the topic of social networks people regularly purchase something and then link it to their Facebook or Twitter to let everyone know what they have bought. Creating online communities for brands through social networking platforms means that people can not only have a personal shopping experience but they can then share this should they so wish.

Why should you connect your smartphone in store now?

Ultimately they reasoning behind making a connection in store is to try and build a better relationship between a brand and a customer. They say the best form of marketing is through word of mouth. If you can get people to connect and “like” your products or “Tweet” about your products saying how great they are etc then they are spreading the word. This is similar to internet marketing in that customers believe other customers; they read reviews and act upon the comments posted. If these are positive comments it becomes one of the best types of marketing you can get.

Smartphones are already a brilliant weapon for shoppers to be armed with. They have such an influence when people are shopping and for this reason along brands should ensure that mobile marketing is implemented into their overall marketing and advertising strategy.

Brick technology is currently working on a number of mobile apps for a full range of clients in various industries. They are requesting these as they want to try and get involved within the mobile platform; this is going to be a big thing and already we are seeing massive changes.

Why not see what we can do for you today in the form of a mobile app?

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