New Research into Mobile App Usage

New Research into Mobile App Usage

The study, carried out by the British Bankers’ Association, revealed that people in the UK now check their balance on a mobile device more than via any other method.

Mobile apps dedicated to banking services were used around 10.5m times every day throughout the UK in March 2015, far overshadowing the 9.6m logins to internet banking services during the same period. In excess of 8m people downloaded a banking application during this year with a further 2m people signing up to Paym, a service that allows transfers and payments to mobile contacts.

In an average week, almost £3bn is transferred using mobile apps. Visits to bank branches have fallen by 6% this year and the number of bank branches continues to decline as more and more services are concentrated online.

Anthony Browne, the Chief Executive of the BBA, said: "Technology is changing our lives and banking is no different … the rapid take up of apps and mobile banking appears to be a real game changer for the British public.”

Meanwhile, a further study by Barclay’s predicts that mobile devices will be used to spend £1 of every £7 in UK shops by 2024. The past year has seen £9.7bn spent using tablets and smartphones which is set to rise to a massive £53.6bn within the decade - representing almost 42% of total UK retail sales.

The research by Barclay’s also concluded that smartphones and tablets would play an increased role at every stage of the buying process, from browsing products to paying for them.

Mobile technology continues to evolve rapidly and with it the number of people with access to smart devices. Engaging this market is essential to every modern business operating online and Brick technology offer world-class mobile app development to ensure your organisation remains contemporary, accessible and highly-visible.

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