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In attempting to take advantage of the growing mobile internet market, many companies quickly developed mobile apps in order to showcase and sell their products and services. This brief popularity is now quickly changing as users now prefer websites to applications, a fact that was recently corroborated by the results of the Siteworx 2013 State of Mobile Features and Functionality Report.

Smartphone and tablet users both expressed a distinct preference for a mobile website as opposed to an app, with 66% of respondents saying they would rather make an online purchase via a mobile website than a shopping app. Purchasing decisions were based on a variety of factors, including product reviews, price comparisons and product descriptions and images. Users of mobile devices also accessed other relevant information about companies such as store hours and directions while stating that ease of checkout and simple access to billing data were other important factors influencing their purchasing decisions.

Dedicated mobile websites or those that are optimised for the mobile experience are rapidly becoming an essential business practice for companies who choose to market and sell their goods and services in the online environment. Companies that choose to ignore this expanding market will become extremely vulnerable as customers look elsewhere for sites that will provide the functions and features that are now expected as standard.

Brickweb are providers of high-quality mobile websites that are designed to function perfectly across the ever-extending array of internet-capable mobile devices. Our team receive constant training in all aspects of custom web design and internet marketing and are thus highly-skilled in creating dynamic, current online content that is proven to increase brand awareness and increased sales.

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