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It has been long awaited; the year of the mobile however this isn’t going to be it! For mobile just to have one year isn’t going to be enough it is far too important! Already mobiles are changing the way in which many people carry out their daily lives. The sheer force of mobiles was felt around 3 years ago and since then it has carved its place into our lives.

Many would argue that in 2011 we saw the year of the Android just because of the number of Android devices activated daily doubled from 350000 to 700000 between April and December 2011. However could 2012 be the start of the year of the mobile?

We analyse and comment on two ways in which we feel will carve out the way for mobile in 2012:

The consumer and their expectations

As mobile is going to be such a big thing and has been hyped up for quite some time now it is expected that consumer expectations will be both high and conflicted. They will be looking for more contextual experience and for their phones to be able to hold, store and use a huge amount of information.

The only problem with them knowing everything and anything about a person is that consumer concerns may well be raised in regards to the commercial use of this information and also security issues given the increase in mobiles used for online banking and purchasing of products and services.

Mobiles are going to be the hub of social interaction and with many people accessing the internet through their mobiles and in particular social networks it’s important that as a company you have an online presence on these. In regards to web design now has never been a better time to get mobile website.

Big button technology is incorporated into mobile websites which make it even easier to navigate through a company website and purchase products and services. with the increase in popularity of mobile devices Brick technology Ltd are advising our clients to get ahead and set themselves up a mobile site.

New technologies which need control

There is always going to be new technologies and new innovative ideas coming forward however it is important that these have some form of standards and can be successful. The ones which are will enable new services, products as well as new ways in which users can navigate using a mobile device or similar – navigation which would be impossible on the PC.

HTML 5 has made monumental progress but it has room for improvement! Adobe has abandoned flash and has supported HTML5 gaining big names like Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.  The only problems are that the experience and performance differences between native and web applications are noticeable and in order to take advantage of the full benefits of HTML5 then you will require device and OS specific optimisation.

Near Field Communications are already failing to live up to the hype which was first generated. The Olympic Games in London 2012 are going to be a marketing catalyst which will test this technology to the extreme. Concerns have been raised that there is a poor experience concerning NFC and that with minimal consumer education and a lack of a proper infrastructure its growth is going to be greatly inhibited.

Finally the cloud, now we’re not talking about those ones you can see floating around in the sky! Oh no what we’re talking about is the reality which has already started services such as Dropbox, Spotify and Apple’s iCloud. It allows users to locate files and services across varying devices. The only problem is that it is inhibited by limited network capacity and congestion at times.

Who knows what the future will hold all we know is that mobile is going to get big. Mobile websites are gaining in popularity already and in addition we have seen a large number of companies choose to have a mobile app created.

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