Social Networking: Tune in to your community

We're seeing successful websites tuning in to community marketing. Some have a Twitter or Facebook strategy, this piecemeal approach is unlikely to succeed on its own. Only a very few webmasters have a full community strategy. Our client workshops in October will focus on the 4 main fundemental foundations of a full community hub strategy. Whether you need to communicate directly with the consumer or have a b2b presence. Brick have moved away from simple "brochureware" and show our clients how to make their websites more engaging which better serve today's more "savvy" customer. The 4 areas of discussion for our October workshops are;

1. What are community and social networking features.
2. How to bring community features to your site.
3. How to show and display these features.
4. How to maintain and get results from these features.

Book your place on our October workshops please contact us or simply call Claire on 01254 277190

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