Social Networks, celebrities and businesses

Many web designs now feature links to a company or business’s social network pages. However many celebrities are also testing the waters and entering into social media. The most well known celebrities currently entering into social media are the footballers!

Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding footballer’s activity on social network site Twitter.  Normally it has been the press and PR companies which have managed to get footballers into trouble. Now through Twitter and Facebook they can post what they want to the world within seconds and no one gets to check it. This by some has been seen as positive although it can also lead to massive problems.

Newcastle United were the latest football club to have suffered from social network blunders. Joey Barton was disciplined when chipped away rather directly at the way in which they run the club hinting that something was not quite right.

”If only we as players could tell the fans exactly how it is, without them above fining us lots of money. There will be a time and a place.” 

“And again it would be left to those magnificent fans to pick up the remnants of their once great football club. #hadeno­ug­hof­cer­ta­in­pe­ople”

The club’s response was to promptly tell him he can leave on a free transfer, which is the closest a football club can really go to simply sacking a player. It is blunders such as these which tend to worry some of our clients at Brick technology. Our internet marketing services include social network sites should our clients wish but carving out a presence on these is proving to be extremely important.

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