Spring into Summer with Brick Web Development!

Spring into Summer with Brick Web Development!

It’s workshop time again! We have been hard at work putting together our latest professional package, which is designed to provide you with the information, knowledge, support and motivation you need to get your website looking its best as we prepare for Summer 2016. Though the weather is only just starting to realise that we are in Spring, the fact is that Spring is almost over and that means that, if you haven’t got your Spring Cleaning started yet, then now is definitely the time - let our upcoming workshop be your Springboard!

Summer is a great time for online retailers - whatever the product or service they are selling. Warmer weather makes people generally happier, meaning that they are in the mood for spending - you should be there ready to make sure that YOUR ecommerce website is the one that catches their eye, holds their attention, convinces them that you are the best place to purchase from and, crucially, encourages them to return at a later date to make subsequent purchases.

‘Spring Cleaning’ is a common term and came into general use precisely because so many people carried out the action. Originally, the term referred literally to cleaning and tidying but in more recent times has been used in other ways as well, in numerous fields from psychology to industry - so why not apply it to ecommerce websites too?! Our workshop is intended to be a place for you to get the best, most professional assistance to give your website a good clear out and a fresh lick of paint in time for Summer 2016.

At our Springboard Workshop, you will learn lots of tips and tricks about:

  • Banners - why they’re essential, how you can personalise them, the best things to say

  • Content - how to keep visible on search engines, why you need to communicate information to us, what to and not to include

  • News - the optimum way to share your hard work, why small achievements are more important than you think, how to get the best from our writer

  • Social - how to get new followers, when to provide exclusive offers, understanding the statistics

The Springboard Workshop will take place at our office on Wednesday  the 29th June  starting at 2pm and finishing around 6pm. Refreshments will be provided and the workshop is absolutely free to attend but places are limited so booking is advised. Call us TODAY to book your place and get ready to Spring into Summer with Brick Web Development Company!

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