The £60bn Question - Is your Website Ready?

The £60bn Question - Is your Website Ready?

This statistic forms part of a larger set of results from recent studies carried out by digital marketplace RetailMeNot in conjunction with the authoritative Centre for Retail Research. 

Make sure your e-commerce websites are ready to take a share of the average £1,372 that will be spent by each online shopper in the UK in 2016 by working with Brick technology web development company.

Those who use both a PC and a mobile device to shop online, known as multichannel shoppers, are predicted to spend almost double that of those who use only a PC, highlighting the ever-growing need for adaptive, responsive e-commerce websites that seamlessly bridge the gap.

Other facts and figures from the recent study include:

  • Multichannel shoppers will spend an average of £1,962 in 2016, as opposed to £1,014 for those who only use a PC to buy goods and services online. This is a difference of £950 which represents 84% - in 2014, this difference was just £566 or 59%, demonstrating the rapid increase in the number of multichannel shoppers

  • PC transactions are currently at an average of £57.53 each while smartphone and tablet transactions are slightly lower at £47.01 and £51.71 respectively. It must be taken into account, however, that shoppers who only use a PC tend to make fewer purchases, ultimately spending less during a given year

  • Transaction size is tipped to grow by 12.5% from smartphones and 5.7% from tablets, reaching £52.02 and £54.91 respectively. Transactions originating from PCs are comparatively expected to rise by only 2.6% to £60.45

The Senior Vice President at RetailMeNot, Giulio Montemagno, pointed out that mobile shoppers are more inclined to spend longer comparing and researching products and that, as the experience of mobile shopping inevitably continues to improve, users of mobile devices are shopping online more often and spending more. He also mentioned that retailers who had been ‘quick off the mark to improve and more efficiently personalise’ the mobile experience were now starting to see their investment pay off whereas those who had yet to embrace the mobile revolution were ‘falling further behind the competition’.

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