The Big Upgrade: Go from Local to Global..

The Big Upgrade: Go from Local to Global..

After months of hard, detailed and time-consuming work by the Brick team, we are extremely proud and excited to announce the arrival of the brand new Bachmann Group website. Of course, this is only the beginning of a new phase of hard work as the company, with us behind them, evolve ever further.

Bachmann Group have been on the Brick radar for more than 6 years, working closely with us to propel their company forward via a strong, consistent online presence. Over that time, the bond of trust has grown and our working relationship has strengthened as we come to know one another’s working practices in closer and closer detail.


The decision was taken to upgrade Bachmann to the latest technology available, which is known simply as Brick CMS3. Don’t be fooled by the succinct and modest title though; Brick CMS3 is extremely powerful, adaptable and ready to succeed. This latest iteration of our own unique, purpose-built Content Management System is exceeding even our expectations, building on all of our previous successes and creating new goals to achieve.

Bachmann Group boast a full management of ship and yacht crews, assisting in every particular from basic recruitment training and travel arrangements to the provision of suitable temporary seafarers. They specialise in working in the Channel Islands and IOM payrolls, managing these and all other aspects of their work with the utmost confi­den­ti­ality. Since joining forces with Brick over 6 years ago, their client base has steadily grown and the Bachmann name is now recognised globally.

Bachmann Group

Brick CMS3 is, then, perfectly matched to Bachmann; a globally-operating company needs world-class developmental strategies and that’s just what we provide. Already the site has made a big, proudly positive impression with its sleek functionality and ultra-responsive credentials; this impression can only be further enhanced as we continue into the future in partnership with Bachmann.

It would be easy to feel envious of the new Bachmann website operating on Brick CMS3; such obvious quality can only attract ever more lucrative business. But the opportunity is there for every business and the cost is certainly a lot less than you imagine, not to mention a lot less than your improved earning potential with CMS3.

What’s certain is that it will cost you nothing to find out. Contact us and let us give you the grand tour...

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