The Brick Factory in Europe

The Brick Factory in Europe

Over two decades ago, Brickweb's Managing Director Colin Clarke was awarded a grant from the British Legion to help get his new business venture of the ground. Sat at his kitchen table, Colin created his first website: these were the humble beginnings of Brickweb.

Brickweb quickly began to gain a reputation for providing a comprehensive suite of internet services, using the latest technology and employing skilled, dedicated staff. The company grew and evolved, always remaining several steps ahead of competitors and consistently delivering exceptional results to clients.

The process of growth and evolution continues to this day and our client portfolio is always growing and diversifying. Brickweb now operates at a global level, testament to the world-class quality of the services and solutions we provide. We now have offices in several locations around the world including Canada, Ukraine and France as well as in our native Lancashire, UK.

The Brick Factory, our new cloud portal that offers a complete management system for print-on-demand companies, became an instant success from the moment it was launched. Providing users with a comprehensive array of modules, The Brick Factory is an innovative system that can be accessed and used in real-time from any internet-capable device without any reliance on installed software.

The Brick Factory has been especially successful in Europe, despite the growing number of European competitors coming onto the scene as the market for customised products continues to grow exponentially. The main hub for the Brick Factory in Europe is our headquarters in France, which is staffed by a cherry-picked multilingual team.

The popularity of The Brick Factory, along with all of our other specialised web solutions, continues to grow. Our clients know that they can rely on us to save them time and money, as well as to offer the most authoritative advice and support 24 hours a day.

If you are based in Europe and want to learn more about The Brick Factory, we invite you to get in touch with our colleagues based in France. Our offices are located at Chemin tour de la Badoque, Limoux, Aude 11300 and you can contact them by email at or by calling +33 04 68 69 64 32

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