The Brick Technology Time Machine...

The Brick Technology Time Machine...

Working in the fast-evolving world of the internet means that we here at Brick Technology are always looking towards the future. For this article though, we have decided to take a look backwards! Join us in the Brick time machine as we head back to 1995...

Blackburn Rovers Win the Premier League

They said it could never happen but 'they' were wrong! 1995 saw good old Blackburn Rovers defeat everyone else to achieve the coveted title, sparking celebrations in the town. The win marked the end of an 81-year run of no title glory for the team, which was led to success by Kenny Dalglish; he won the Premier League Manager of the Year award for the feat. Alan Shearer, who scored 34 of the team's 80 league goals, won both the PFA Player of the Year and Golden Boot awards.

Ebay Goes Live

Ebay, the online auction site, went live for general use in 1995. Back then, the site was very different from how it is today yet the basic concept remains unchanged. Ebay has allowed many thousands of people the ability to build up successful online businesses and was one of the first websites to use customer feedback as a measure of success.

'Toy Story' is Released

Looking back at the movie in the light of today's technology, Toy Story has started to look a little bit dated. At the time, however, Toy Story was at the pinnacle of animation, creating a whole new genre that has been replicated many times over since its release. The combined efforts of Disney and Pixar, who created the movie, resulted in over $370 million box office sales, dwarfing the original budget of just $30 million.

Brick Technology is Founded

Our time machine can only go back as far as 1995, as this was the year that also saw the founding of our web development agency. Brick was created at a pivotal moment in the history of the internet, when nobody was really sure just how much this new technology was going to change our lives. Our founders immediately recognised its potential and began creating websites for new clients, many of which are still with us today. 

We continue to develop and evolve our working practice, organically absorbing new technology and making it available to our clients. As well as creating and maintaining websites, we also offer a full suite of marketing solutions: get in touch with our team today to discover more!

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