Top Tips in regards to page ranking

Page ranking on Google is something that needs to taken seriously when designing a website that you want to be successful and have a high visitor level. Here at Brick Technology, web design in Blackburn we have decided to give you some helpful tips and guidance that can get your page ranking in the top three on Google - although aim for number one! 

Ranking highly on Google ultimately can mean that you direct more traffic towards your website. So how do you get a good rank?

Firstly, create yourself a list of targeted keyword phrases. These can be formed around what it is your site is about and what you feel that people would be searching for in order to find your site. It is important that you are very specific and not general. For example, Brick Technology are a web design company so one of our keywords could be “web design, Lancashire”. You need to aim for ten keyword phrases to target.

The next step is to take these ten keyword phrases and create a page which is optimized for each keyword phrase on your list. One of our top tips at Brick is to try and not overcomplicate. Stick to optimizing one keyword phrase per page rather than one page with all the keywords. In focusing just on one you are more likely to rank particularly for that one phrase and then any other phrases you want to rank high for then create additional pages for within your website.

Within these pages the keyword phrase you are trying to be ranked highly for in searches needs to be included. This means within the title of the page, any heading that you may have as well as obviously being slotted into the text appropriately.

The next crucial element for success is something called backlinks. These are the next important step that you need to take. Gaining links from outside sites is crucial, the more you have pointing towards your page the better off you are.

Google uses a system called Page Rank to measure link popularity of each page, although not to rely on it too heavily it measures link popularity – how many links point to a particular site. The more that link the better it is deemed to be although this is not always the case.

Gaining links from sites that are similar to yours is the best idea however; do not spend hours begging sites to link back to you! Spend time keeping your news page up to date with content and then submitting this to various article submission sites with html links to your page.

Our top tip is rather than begging sites to link back to you, spend your time working on producing great content and let sites naturally link back to you. This is why content is of such importance to us.

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