UK eCommerce Boom to continue!

Last year was another boom year for the internet in the United Kingdom. Almost 37 million people went online in an average month.

This proportion will decline slightly as e-commerce becomes better established elsewhere in the region, but the UK will still represent the greatest single share of the European market in 2011.

"Britain has one of the most experienced and active online populations in the world. Confidence in e-commerce is high," says Karin von Abrams, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, UK Internet: Users and Usage.

"Merchants have been careful to establish excellent security for transactions and reliable delivery services," said von Abrams. "And online prices are very competitive, particularly for books, travel tickets and items bought at auction sites."

The average spend per buyer has been rising steadily, and eMarketer estimates the number will approach £2,000 in 2008.

Source Computer Weekly

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