Web Design Clients Float Their Business

Brick technology decided to host a gathering where our clients could come along, meet other people who own business as well as giving them the chance to “Float Their Business”.

You may well be wondering why would they “Float”? but as you know by now Brick technology are not your average web design company and we decided that we would like to do things a little bit differently so held this event on a canal boat!

Yes! That is right we held our trip on the cruising restaurant boat which belongs to Lesley of Canal Boat Cruises of Riley Green. On Wednesday just over thirty of us met up at the Riley Green Marina before being welcomed onboard, Romance the restaurant boat.

Here local businesses which included Intack Self Drive, Holiday Apartments and Villas, Brent Stevenson Memorials, Carrylift, Elspeth Thomson Greeting Cards, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Staff Cars, Unistage, Ewood House Dental, Smith Sutcliffe Solicitors, Hobkirks Sewing Machines, Football Trade Directory, Jas Timber and of course our Brick charity the East Lancashire Hospice gathered together.

Although Brick technology had carefully designed the websites of all these businesses some of them hadn’t even met before and so this was their chance to meet, greet and chat about various aspects of their business as well as learning about the different aspects of others businesses such as what they do, where they are based etc.

The most delicious traditional Lancashire hotpot was served, handmade from local produce then followed up by homemade apple pie and custard! It was safe to say that everyone enjoyed the food even the vegetarians amongst us which were served with stuffed peppers.

We sailed for three hours, through two locks and then we had to turn around and come back through two locks before arriving back where we started. James, our technical gadget collector had attached a camera device to the front of the boat which actually took pictures every 5 seconds, these pictures were then all put together into a video which is shown below.

Firstly we would like to thank Lesley and everyone at Canal Boat Cruises, Canal Boat Hire, her husband John and son Louis who guided us through each lock ever so carefully. We would secondly like to thank all of our clients who came and made this day a memorable one for us here at Brick technology.

For more information in regards to what we do here at Brick or if you are interested in our web design and web development services then please do not hesitate to call us on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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