Wrap Up Facebook for Christmas!

Christmas isn’t all that far away and so just in time Brick technology would like to offer the chance to wrap Facebook up!

Okay so not literally wrapping Facebook up to give away but rather we can now create fantastic, visual Facebook pages for our customer Facebook profiles.

You can have a Facebook page to show before people “like” you and then you can have another Facebook page set up so that once they have liked you they view something different.

Having the two pages set up is a great way of encouraging people to “like” you explaining on the first page that if they do they will be shown say a promotion code which will entitle them to 10% off codes to spend online your website. Obviously this is just an example from us here at Brick technology web design.

Some ideas for the Facebook pages include:

  • Promotion codes
  • Competitions
  • Exclusive information
  • Special offers
  • Free gifts

These are just a few ideas you may just want a visual page on Facebook to welcome people to your Facebook page but then direct them off directly to various parts of your website.

Talk to Martin Wyatt our web designer at Brick technology about Facebook pages and he will be happy to help you. His contact details can be found at the bottom of this article.

In addition to Facebook pages though we can also create you a Facebook Shop where you can place your products. This can either be the entire product range or just select ranges.

When a person who “likes” you clicks on one of the products within your Facebook shop it will take them directly to the product page on your website.

Social networks are becoming more and more popular for people searching for specific items on them. Many big brands are including social networking in their advertising and marketing strategies because it is envisaged that it is going to be a big thing soon especially in regards to internet marketing.

If you want to launch your business, brand and products into the future then make sure you contact Martin at Brick technology web design. Let us gift wrap Facebook up for your company this Christmas.

Take a look at our Brickweb Facebook Welcome Page and then get your order in for a Facebook Page before it is too late!

For more information email Martin info@brickweb.co.uk or call us today on 01254 277190!

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