5 + 5 = 10 Top Reasons to Work with Brickweb

If our last article detailing five of the top reasons to choose Brickweb to create, maintain, analyse and optimise your website wasn't quite enough, here are five more reasons to convince you that our powerful, bespoke and world-class service is your way forward.

1 - The Perfect Platform.

Today's website visitors access sites from a variety of devices and platforms. All such platforms, including the revolutionary Retina, are completely compatible with the Brickweb service, allowing visitors to access your site from their chosen platform or device without any degradation in performance whatsoever. As these complex platforms become more commonplace across devices, website visitors will continue to grow more discerning and choose websites that provide the optimal experience on their device and platform.

2 - Powerful Partnerships.

As Brickweb have grown, evolved and developed, we have cemented partnerships with an eclectic selection of organisations that allow us to provide an optimal service to our diverse range of internet clients. These partnerships, which include affiliations with Google, Microsoft, IBM, HSBC, Barclay's and Nominet, have been created in the knowledge that Brickweb can consistently provide the superlative quality standard demanded by these highly renowned and respected global companies.

3 - The Personal Touch.

Our 17+ years of experience have taught us that every company, even if they sell similar products or services, is unique and therefore requires a bespoke approach to fully realise its potential in the crowded online market. Unlike many web development companies who will simply provide a template one-size-fits-all website, Brickweb work directly with our clients to agree on specific objectives for the website, the successful results of which can the be analysed in detail as part of our custom-built Content Management System. As well as offering regular, focused one-to-one meetings with our clients, we also create and host regular free workshops, allowing our clients to meet one another in an informal setting to network as they gain valuable information on a variety of pertinent e-commerce and m-commerce topics.

4 - Reviews and Recom­men­dations.

We are always interested in feedback on our service and regularly ask our clients to offer their opinions. Many of our clients kindly take the time to share a testimonial of their experience, all of which are featured on a dedicated page of the Brickweb site. The Brickweb experience has been variously described as 'smooth', 'satisfying' and 'seamless' with customers highlighting the 'helpful and friendly' attitude of all members of the team. Echoing the sentiments of all of our testimonials, one customer said that they "would be more than happy to recommend the company (Brickweb) for the design and implementation of any new website."

5 - Discover your Potential for Free!

As part of our service to all new customers, Brickweb are pleased to offer a full review of your existing website and internet marketing strategy absolutely free. Afterwards, in a no-obligation consultation, we will offer advice on how you can improve the quality of your company's online presence to attract and retain website visitors, increasing conversions and revenue.

Ready to start your new, exciting and proven-successful internet journey? Call Brickweb today on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email us at info@brickweb.co.uk.

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