Apple Ipad... One year later!

It was exactly a year ago today when the iPad landed at our Brick technology office, after tracking its delivery status for quite some time two colleagues rushed home in order to show it off.

Arriving a day early it kept Brick technology ahead of the game. Now we take a look back on that very iPad and see how it has helped us throughout the year. Although sales did get off to a slow start they soon rocketed and millions were eventually sold.

Here are the top things our iPad has been used for throughout the year:

Viewing websites, yes that is right! We have been able to use it to take to client meetings and show them their website. Brick technology websites are compatible with a number of platforms and devices, this is not always the case with other web design companies.

The iPad has also been used in order to keep a tab on e-mails when we are out and about visiting ensuring that any urgent problem is always dealt with in the fastest time possible and that our clients receive the answers they need.

We have had a number of clients take advantage of our media production, so an easy and effective way of playing their created videos back to them has been through the iPad. This was the case in our meetings with Goalkeeping star Alan Kelly. We were able to easily show him his videos with the littlest of fuss.

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