Bing to become default search engine for the iPhone?

Reports are speculating that Apple is currently busily tied in talks with Microsoft to try and make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone Safari Web Browser for the smartphone.  This will make Bing a much more important player when it comes to Search Engines.

More and more of us are accessing the internet via mobile devices. Rather than loading up the computer or laptop, it now makes sense just to check on your iPhone. At Brick Technology we concentrate on all major search engines not just Google. Whilst it is true that Google is still the major player Bing are focusing their efforts on taking over a bigger market share.

Google vs Apple

Although there have been no confirmations on the development, experts have excitedly started analyzing the possibilities involved, and the quintessential question here seems to be whether Apple would be hurting itself by forcing customers to use the less popular Bing instead of the giant search engine.

As of now, the iPhone does not just use Google as its default browser, it also comes pre-loaded with various Google offerings like YouTube and Google Maps, so the company could be hurting its revenue a lot if it joins hands with Microsoft, whose Windows Mobile OS is fiercely competing with Google's Android OS for smartphones.

Some experts believe that iPhone users would choose to keep the default browser no matter what it may be, making Bing a very important player.

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