Brick, Bricks and Bricklayers

Brick, Bricks and Bricklayers

Everyone knows the basic structure of a brick wall but only a small proportion of us would be able to build one. The science of making bricks and bricklaying dates back centuries and both involve making demanding and exacting measurements, solving equations and a lot of forward-thinking to get right. This is also the case for our own particular brand of bricklaying… here at Brick!

A wall, at its most basic level, is intended to provide us with protection. This means that above all it must display a tough, lasting quality, with a solid foundation. This is the point at which science transforms into art and bricklayers have invented myriad ways to imbue their walls with a strong, attractive aesthetic, lifting the structures above mere functionality. Each brick may be considered just as important as any other in the wall; take just one away and the strength, as well as the aesthetic, are ruined.

We don’t build walls at Brick, or at least not here in the physical world. What we build are structures both highly-complex yet pleasingly elegant, with a strong foundation based on our years of experience. Our websites are more like bridges, creating new and ever-more vibrant connections between our clients and their customers. The aesthetics are second-to-none and, of course, there is that crucial solid underpinning that gives you the confidence to keep moving forward.

Our close-knit team create your website together with you, working closely as we share and select our bricks of knowledge and sketch out the blueprints. The bricklaying work is never complete; the website will continue to develop and grow along with your business and the online world at large. As well as being bricklayers, you can also think of us as the mortar that holds the whole thing harmoniously together.

“All in all you’re just another brick in the wall”, or so claimed the rock band Pink Floyd. Well, we think that all depends on the particular wall in question and anyway, what’s so bad about being a brick in the wall? As we said before, every brick is as important as the last and each brings its little bit of strength: the result of all these small contributions accumulates and can have massive effects.

On behalf of one of our clients, Greengates Builder’s Merchant, we invite you to be a brick in a wall. The company are raising money for the East Lancashire Hospice and you can donate by buying an actual brick! Well, it’s an actual FOAM brick so you don’t hurt yourself and end up a patient there. Please give as much as you can; ALL proceeds will go direct to the hospice and your money may well go towards building an actual, physical wall at some point in the future.

Get in touch to find out how you can get yours!

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