Brick James Tweets... to help bird in distress

Twitter, a well known social media website which offers social networking and micro blogging to its many users allowing people to “tweet” about anything they like. James who is a valued member of our Brick Web team is a regular user under the name of Brick James but this morning he experienced a different sort of Tweeting!

After heading out into his garden he was notified by a bird that something was not quite right. Normally when a bird makes this much noise it is his next door neighbours cat causing trouble and generally up to no good! With no cat in sight he decided to take a closer look and on approach he saw the problem...

The bird which was making all the noise was actually “mummy bird” and her “baby bird” had unfortunately got stuck in some netting which was used to keep the cats from their pond – especially next doors!

James being the person that he is, always kind and ready to help others decided that he couldn’t leave the bird and so started to detach it from the net. After a closer look at the bird all of the netting couldn’t be removed and so James who was now going to be late for work put it into a box with some tissue and brought it in to Brick offices!

On phoning in to tell Hannah, our editor who works as part of our internet marketing team that he was bringing the bird in, she let the rest of the team know the reasoning as to his lateness.

Martin our web designer was now extremely worried that a wild bird was being brought in but managed to have a giggle with Hannah and Idris about how they could put the bird in the cage with Charlie and Betty our office Parrots!

The bird was still trapped in some netting on arrival, the best thing was to try and get it checked over by a professional. Luckily Daisy Street Veterinary Centre which is just around the corner from us agreed to take a look at the bird and remove the netting!

John Davies was the vet who freed the distressed bird along with veterinary nurse, Nicola. It was thanks to them that Bertie Brick as he has now been named has been set free back into James’s Garden!

You can watch Bertie’s emotional release right here:

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