The Brickweb Customised Control Centre

In order to get the most from an internet marketing website, a comprehensive and secure control system must be available. The selection of popular control systems, such as Magento, Joomla, and Wordpress, are adequate but lack the detail, precision and flexibility provided by Brickweb's own, custom designed control centre.

The control centre can be looked at as the brain of the website, serving a variety of essential functions. It is from here that content is added and modified, website ratings are viewed and the appearance and functions of the website can be modified. Acting as the sole base from which all information originates, the control centre allows a website to be created and manipulated in all of these ways and more, creating the perfect internet marketing website that will encourage customers to return again and again.

The Brickweb control centre has been designed, engineered and produced from scratch. This process has allowed our skilled and experienced technical team to create a simple yet powerful control centre that is easily-navigated and provides access to detailed information on a variety of aspects of the website, including visitor numbers, referring search engines and relevant currently-trending search terms. Statistical information is displayed in several formats including figures, graphs and charts so that traffic can be monitored in detail before the website is further optimised to take into account new information and statistics. Full email support is provided within the control centre.

Our innovative control centre design also allows Brickweb clients to manage aspects of their business online, such as stock reports which can be accessed with a single click. A product manager facility allows new products to be added and existing prices modified; pricing levels can be accurately monitored throughout. Discounts and promotion codes are incredibly popular amongst online shoppers and these can be simply added to the control centre before detailed sales reports accurately reveal the effect such promotions are having.

Magento, Joomla and Wordpress may be capable of allowing a perfectly serviceable website to be produced but Brickweb believe that our purpose-built, personalised and efficient control centre is unique in the combination of possibilities it provides. As world-class providers of a range of internet marketing solutions to a growing client base, Brickweb continue to develop and improve our systems in order to offer the highest possible levels of service.

We invite you to arrange a free consultation with us to see for yourself the incredible versatility, power and ease-of-use that our custom-built control centre can offer your business. Please browse our extensive and diverse client list before contacting our dedicated team on +44 (0)1254 277190 or email  

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