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The HTTP Archive makes regular studies of the 10,000 most-visited websites to gain detailed information on the statistics of global internet usage. It recently published the results of a study on the byte size of the average website, revealing this figure to be 1.3 Mb, a 35% increase from the previous year.

This figure is particularly significant to the growing number of people who access the internet using a mobile device. Many mobile tariffs offer a limited data allowance that can quickly be consumed by viewing web pages that are not optimised for mobile devices. Even the most basic web browsing can consume more than 150 Mb per page, the standard starting plan for most mobile tariffs. Many companies sneakily disguise their website to be mobile-friendly but this does not reduce the byte count, a problem that can easily be resolved using superior technology. Hiding or shrinking content in this way quickly leads to problems with overuse of a user's data allowance.

Users of mobile internet wish to enjoy a full web experience without these hefty downloads and so should be provided with a dedicated mobile website. As this technology becomes the industry standard, businesses who do not embrace the technology of mobile websites are likely to be eclipsed by their competitors. Cost-effectiveness has become the number-one priority for users of mobile internet and being a competitive force in the marketplace depends on moving forwards and providing customers with their desired means of contact and interaction with with the business.

To facilitate the growth and development of your business into the mobile internet age, Brickweb are a reliable, responsible and practical partner. Our expert team receive constant training in order to ensure that they can fulfil their role to the most professional standard and we believe in providing a unique, bespoke and personal service to each of our clients.

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