Budgeting Shouldn't Mean Cutting Corners..

Budgeting Shouldn't Mean Cutting Corners..

Keeping your business overheads to a minimum is of course one of the most important things to think about when you’re trying to succeed. Your website costs are included in the overheads category and it’s essential to get the right balance between how much you spend and how much value you get. Here are some tips to make your website look good without putting yourself in the red.


No, this doesn’t mean checking for typos (though of course this is also important!); it means thinking about the fonts you use. Choosing the right font to describe your product can make a real difference to how that product is perceived. It’s good to find a font that you can use across your business in products such as stationery.


We have all seen (and groaned at!) stock photos. They just never seem to look quite real. For this reason, you should avoid using them on your website. Instead, use photographs of your own actual products as they are much more likely to engage the user. Brick offer a full photography service at a price that will surprise you!

Colour Scheme

Avoid really bright colours and combinations of colours. More subtle, nuanced shades are preferable to full-on tones, unless you’re going for a specific feel. If you choose primary colours, discover a new shade to take away that ‘basic’ feel. Choosing the right colour scheme is quite a complex matter and Brick can offer you expert help in getting it right.


Don’t forget that your visitors will probably be accessing your site from a variety of different devices and so it's important to make sure that they have a continuously perfect experience. An adaptable website will let them easily use all the same features on a small screen as on their desktop at home, and anything in between. You can also consider a mobile app, bearing in mind that a huge majority of time spent online using a mobile is spent using apps: Brick can create these at an extremely competitive price.

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