Facebook Pages are Flying Off the Shelf!

Last year I reported to you stating that Brick technology could create you a fantastic Facebook page to act as a visual for people who find you on Facebook.

Since this announcement the orders have been pilling in with customers wanting to enhance their social network sites and get people to "like" them. Our web designer Martin Wyatt has been extremely busy creating these wonderful pages for a whole range of clients mostly our internet marketing clients. We wanted to share these to show you exactly how amazing they really are!

The Facebook Shop is blurred from view initially. Once 'Liked' the shop is revealed and the user is able to browse. The user is presented with a reason to 'Like' this page (competition). Once liked a congratulatory message is presented.

We are right to be excited by these Facebook pages, because Facebook is so standardised across all business pages you need to make yours stand out.

You can have various options:

  • One Facebook page, which shows when people “like” you
  • Two Facebook pages, one which will show before they “like” you to maybe give them an overview and reasons as to why they should “like” you. Further to this you can have a second on which will welcome them to the site and maybe feature promotional codes or special offers once they have liked you.

Having two pages is a great way of encouraging people to “like” you on Facebook. Social networking is growing because of the introduction of Google+ and as a form of marketing and advertising it is an item which must be considered in order to have a successful strategy.

Some ideas which you could have for your Facebook include:

  • Promotion codes
  • Competitions
  • Exclusive information
  • Special offers
  • Free gifts

These are just a few ideas but in reality you may just want a visual page on Facebook to welcome visitors to your Facebook page but then direct them off directly to various parts of your website. Speak to us about getting your Facebook Page designed today it is the shift which major search engines are turning towards. 

Social network profiles are showing up in Google search results you may have noticed this but in reality is this Google hinting at something for the future? Make sure your page looks good and stay ahead of your competition.

For more information and to create yours then call us today on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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