From the Earliest iPhone to the Latest...

From the Earliest iPhone to the Latest...

Using a mobile device to access products and services online has become such a commonplace activity that it can be difficult to remember how things were before the facility existed. Not so for us here at Brick; our company has been thriving for over 18 years and it all seems like yesterday…

Before the mobile revolution took place, our expert team had already predicted it. From the launch of the very first iPhone, we were publishing articles informing readers that the internet was about to change completely and that, as ecommerce businesses, they had to take notice. Mobile technology swiftly began to improve, though nobody could have predicted quite how big it was going to be.

As the numbers of people using mobile technology to access the internet increased in dramatic, unprecedented numbers, our team quickly realised that mobile websites were going to be more important than anyone thought. That was when we started suggesting and recommending to our clients that a mobile website might be a very good idea; and informing them that Brick had the tech knowledge, established authority and driving force necessary to make it happen for them.

Our suggestions and recommendations soon became more urgent, telling our clients that having a mobile website was quickly moving away from being an option and towards being a necessity. Mobile apps started to become more prevalent and, with our usual foresight, we had already been working hard to offer this new growing force.

Most of our clients had then started to see the importance of maintaining a responsive website that would work as smoothly on a mobile device as on a laptop or desktop. The few clients who had not got on board began making up for lost time as the mobile revolution gathered even more pace, leaving older, less versatile websites (and their creators) out in the cold.

We now conceive produce and maintain responsive websites as standard and keep our custom-built CMS fully up to date with the latest developments. With the mobile revolution showing no signs of slowing down, along with the launch of the new iPhone X, this is possibly the last chance that companies without a mobile presence will have to make an impact. We at Brick are looking to bring a contemporary service to these companies and, with our wealth of experience, we know how to get it right first time.

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