Google Penguin - The New Generation

Launched in April 2012, Google Penguin was an algorithm update designed to lower the search engine ranking of sites that do not comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. These include sites in which techniques such as link schemes, cloaking and the deliberate creation of duplicate content are used to unfairly heighten page rankings. Unlike Google's PageRank system, all updates to Google Penguin are made public.

Google Penguin has had two updates since its launch, the first in May 2012 followed by a second in October of the same year. Distinguished Engineer at Google, Matt Cutts, mentioned the "next generation" of Google Penguin back in March 2013, stating that it would be one of the most significant and talked-about Google algorithm updates of the year. Cutts recently wrote on Twitter that Google does "expect to roll out Penguin 2.0 (next generation of Penguin) sometime in the next few weeks". Sites expected to be hit hardest by the new generation of Google Penguin include those with manipulative link profiles; such sites have increasingly had a "stricter standard" applied to them by Google, according to the results of a study conducted by the internet marketing agency Portent.

Preparing for the next generation of Google Penguin is essential. Search engine queries amount for a huge volume of website traffic and making sure that a high position is consistently achieved is crucial to maintaining a high search engine ranking. Google algorithms are complex and require intense study in order to be understood and put to optimal use; for this reason it is important to choose an experienced, dedicated and reliable digital agency such as Brickweb.

Our technical team receive constant training in every aspect of web design, offering personalised service to every member of our diverse client base. The new generation of Google Penguin is our current focus and we are currently organising an informative seminar and workshop on the subject in order to show how we can help prepare your website. Please check back regularly for updates or subscribe to our regular newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news and information from Brickweb.

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