Google preparing for Search Engine fightback

With rivals nibbling at its market share, search giant has had enough

With its Bing search engine, Microsoft seems finally to have got its act together and mounted a credible challenge to the all-powerful Google.

Facebook, meanwhile, has just brought FriendFeed, opening the door for real-time 'social searching'. Then there's the oh-so-clever Wolfram Alpha computational search engine.

The good news is that consumers now have more choice than probably any time in the past 10 years. The bad news is that between them they seem to have angered the giant.

Caffeine injection

Google is quietly working on an all-new search engine – code-named 'Caffeine'. In fact it's working so quietly on it that a usable version is already available for public use.

The new search tool looks identical to the Google homepage we all know and love, but Google promises it will deliver better "speed, accuracy and compre­hen­si­veness of search results", and places a much higher emphasis on real-time search.

Google claims Caffeine is a natural product evolution rather than a specific response to increasingly viable alternatives. Either way, it's a sign that the company isn't willing to sit on its 87% market share, and that the outlook might not be as rosy as Bing and friends think.

What does this mean for Brick customers?

The changes that are happening to social networking and searches, with Facebook trying to index it's own searches and Google changing it's algorithm, It has never been more important to have an Internet Marketing strategy in place.

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