Support the environment by using Internet Marketing

For all of you marketing managers or business owners out there, the time has come to do your part in helping to preserve the environment and an excellent first step is utilising the internet. As opposed to costly and environmentally unfriendly print advertisements, internet promotion involves no printing, inks, manual distribution (increases carbon emissions due to driving), shipping, etc. Best of all, internet marketing is timeless and lasts far beyond any print ad or television commercial.

Let’s put everything in perspective…

Print ads start off as an idea, are created in digital format, and are sent off to a printer. Printing requires electricity and uses paper, which is one negative. After printing, the marketing material (flyers, postcards, brochures, etc.) is shipped to the client — something that increases carbon emissions. After receipt of the marketing material, companies have to then distribute it. Distribution includes mass mailing, street team distribution, and other environmentally unfriendly actions. 

On the flip side, internet marketing starts of as an idea and is then implemented directly. No shipping is needed, no printing, no paper, no traveling for street teams, etc. Utilising Flash banners and flyers, search engine optimisation, social networking, social bookmarking, social media, blogs and websites is far more eco-friendly when compared to print ads. Most importantly, internet marketing is timeless in the sense that content remains on the internet for an indefinite amount of time. Articles written 10 years ago will appear in Google today. This is the power of the internet.  

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