iPhone X: Five Top Features

iPhone X: Five Top Features

The iPhone X is set to change the way people access the internet. Here are the top 5 new features…

Sharpest Ever Display

The iPhone X features a colorful OLED display with over 2 million pixels. So you’ll get sharper text for reading, more impressive video and better photos. Even better, it has a screen that covers from edge to edge so you get a huge viewing area without having to carry a bigger phone.

Best Facial Recognition

Register your face with the iPhone X and it will automatically unlocks when you look at it. This has been seen before but the X uses 3-D imagery that's even more secure. The new tech can't even be tricked with a mask of your face, and is far safer than fingerprint locks.

Personalised Animoji

Apple have developed new Animoji which allows the creation of short clips of your own emotions which you can then send as emojis to your contacts. Apple's facial recognition technology helps the emoji to resemble your exact expressions.

Wireless Charging

Carrying a charger around is annoying and this problem is solved by the use of wireless charging. This is especially useful considering how fast batteries drain due to constant usage.

New Camera

With a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and a second telephoto lens for zooming, the iPhone X delivers big improvements over other mobile cameras. Videos will be less shaky and you can take photos in low light successfully. The new front-facing camera uses TrueDepth technology for exciting selfies. 

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