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Brick technology web design, regularly creates landing pages on a daily basis for a number of our clients. However, more often than not landing pages are often overlooked and seen as less important than other items when in reality they can have the greatest impact.

What is a landing page?

In its simplest form a landing page is something which is now being spoken about more and more with regard to internet marketing. It is important to note that a landing page is significantly different to other pages on your site and it is the page where your website visitors arrive after clicking a link.

A landing page can be implemented in your web design as the home page or as any other page and within one website there can be more than one landing page.

What makes a good landing page?

In general terms a separate landing page will need to be created according to each keyword or phrase which you are targeting. These need to be fully optimised so that they will perform well within the search engines and rank highly within the results.

The way to look at landing pages is to see them as a convenient way for people to locate exactly what they are looking for and linking them straight through without making them search through the home page. When you simply just leave people on your home page and make them search themselves the chances are they will leave your site and this will result in a high bounce rate within your Google Analytic results.

Landing pages give your visitor exactly what they are looking for right at their finger tips without the need for them to jump around. However, landing pages must feature content which is unique, relevant and try not to put too many distractions in place such as links to here, there and everywhere as this will lose them.

You can pay for traffic through, Banner Ads, Sponsored Links and Pay Per Click Campaigns but landing pages can be a great way of targeting where people will be coming from and sending them towards registrations, sign ups and anything else that you want to really target it is at this point where it becomes apparent.

Landing pages are created easily by our team at Brick technology, they contain unique and relevant content and are fully optimised to perform well within search engines before they are implemented into a client’s web design. Our team here has great understanding of what makes a world class landing page as well as experience within media production, internet marketing, web development and we even have our very own design studio.

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