New File-Sharing Religion Recognised!

For those of you who are familiar with our resident “geek” at Brick technology James, you will know that he is great at finding out the weirdest of things concerning add-ons for your web design, new features for our internet marketing clients and all the gadgets imaginable for media production. Recently he brought to our attention a new concept in the form of a religion known as Kopimism.

Sweden has recognised a new file-sharing religion and this is what Kopimism is. A “church” whose main belief is the right to file-share has now formally been recognised by the Swedish government.

They believe that “kopyacting” or sharing information through copying is a religious service and the recognition was a huge step for them, others have been less enthusiastic claiming that the church now recognised will encourage global piracy.

Those who belong to this religion have claimed that they didn’t mean illegal file-sharing will become legal but rather that knowledge could be shared. CTRL + C and also CTRL + V which are shortcuts for copy and paste are their sacred symbols and despite having to apply for recognition three times the Swedish Government before Christmas finally registered the Church of Kopimism as a religious organisation.

Now for some you may well be wondering who on earth is behind it all? The answer to this question is a 19 year old philosophy student and the church leader Isak Gerson who wants religious protection for file-sharing.

"For the Church of Kopimism, information is holy and copying is a sacrament. Information holds a value, in itself and in what it contains and the value multiplies through copying. Therefore copying is central for the organisation and its members," he said in a statement.

The church of Kopimism made their website unavailable after the news that they have achieved religious recognition broke. They are waiting till everything has settled before making it available once more.

What do you think about the new file-sharing religion Kopimism? – Answers on a postcard please!

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