Overcoming Insularity the Old School Way

Lots of aspects of life appear at first glance to be new - sleek trams gliding through Manchester, the trend for the organic and homegrown, the policies of politicians at election time. Of course, look for just a little longer and you’ll see that these and many other things are simply a return to a previous, more successful time. We put a new spin on things so that we can claim ownership and not have to admit we were wrong, or even that the previous generation were.

All of the above examples are rue: Manchester once had a full tram network that was dismantled and then rebuilt, people are congratulating themselves for making their own bread when that used to be standard and, of course, all of the old/new politicians promises are out in force right now. Of the many other things that was swept aside and the value of which is now being re-recognised is the face to face approach.

It is a sad irony that our social media worlds are in fact so insular. In fact, the gravitation towards insularity affects a much wider network of behaviours from the headphones we shut the world out with to the automatic shopping checkout. In a world where we place so much value on the person, it seems almost obscene that we should tend so strongly towards impersonality.

Brick have been around for nearly two decades. We started off when face to face meetings were de rigueur and it was a difficult change for us to make; newer, younger clients wanted to handle everything remotely and we considered ourselves lucky if we got to see them in person just once a year! But we have waited patiently and the tide is turning back towards a more personal approach, something that we can’t welcome warmly enough.

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