Poor Mobile Web Development Costs Retailers £6bn

Poor Mobile Web Development Costs Retailers £6bn

Retailers are missing out on as much as £6bn in lost revenue due to usability issues with mobile websites, according to a study carried out by leading credentials and identity management company Jumio. The study found that over half of smartphone users in the UK had abandoned an ongoing mobile transaction and a number of factors are blamed.

Facts & Figures from the Jumio study:

  • 55% of smartphone users in the UK had left one or more mobile transactions uncompleted due to problems in easily using the website on a mobile device

  • Potential purchases of fashion and clothing items were most-abandoned, with 53% of respondents failing to complete a transaction. This figure was further broken down to represent gender, with 62% of women and 44% of men abandoning such transactions

  • Food & drink-focused mobile websites, including grocery retailers and takeaway delivery services, also suffered, with 39% of purchases being abandoned

  • Uncertainty of purchase was far less of a cause for abandonment than usability issues, with 21% and 68% of respondents respectively citing these reasons for failing to complete a purchase

  • Usability issues were many and those cited included slow loading times (32%), complex processes for payment (27%), difficult navigation (26%), inability to type easily on a smaller screen (21%), security concerns (16%). Obviously, these figures total over 100% as some respondents cited multiple issues

  • 68% of people later attempted to complete the transaction at a later date with a computer being the preferred method of access. This means that almost a third of people never attempted that transaction again, leading to the massive revenue losses warned of by Jumio

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