Print On Demand: Our World-Class Suite of Services

Print On Demand: Our World-Class Suite of Services

Establishing a brand identity is never an easy task, particularly in the massive, always-expanding and highly-competitive online world. Seeking solutions to the problem, many forward-thinking entrepreneurs are using the tried and tested method of creating branded merchandise (often abbreviated to 'merch') to raise brand awareness.

Merch takes many forms, from classic items like t-shirts and baseball caps to mugs, cushion covers, wall art and even pet-food bowls! In the past, a major pitfall for merch creators was managing inventory: buying too many of a branded product would leave you stuck with a warehouse full of them while buying too little and being unable to met demand could damage reputation.

The solution is print on demand. Using this system, items of merch are created only after they have actually been ordered, solving the problem of inventory management at a stroke. Print on demand services are therefore big business and Brick Technology is the perfect company to provide a world-class solution to print on demand companies.

Our unique, custom-built content management system is ideally suited to print on demand services and we can also provide a comprehensive suite of internet marketing and web development to go along side.

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