Re-focus, Re-energise, Relaunch!

Re-focus, Re-energise, Relaunch!

Although we are right in the middle of summer (though it certainly doesn’t feel that way for many of us!), the time for retailers to start thinking about Christmas is NOW. Being well-prepared is key to the successful functioning of any business, from stock management to promotional campaigning - how well prepared is YOUR ecommerce website?

Year on year, the figures representing how many people are doing their Christmas shopping online get higher, setting new records each time. 2016 will be no exception and competition in the online marketplace has never been fiercer - internet users are now highly-demanding and it can take only the minutest of flaws to put them off a purchasing decision and may even mean they never bother with your website again. This is the one fundamental reason that you need Brickweb to orchestrate and manage a full redesign, relaunch and reinvention of your online presence - and here are three more…

The Brickweb CMS

Flexible, powerful, simple, intuitive, streamlined, efficient, optimised, updated, influential, secure, progressive, adaptive, effective. No, we haven’t swallowed a thesaurus - these are just the immediate words that come to mind when thinking about our groundbreaking (there’s another!) Content Management System. If your CMS is outdated, then your web presence is compromised - fact.

A New Aesthetic

Immediate impressions are everything - we all know this from the awful first date or regrettable job interview! Visitors to your site need to feel that your brand has value, impact and authority and they need these feelings unconsciously and immediately. If they don't get them, engagement is at best diminished and at worst broken completely. Take advantage of the skills of our designers to convey the right image.

Managing Mobile

It is likely that you are using a mobile device right now to read this very article - your customers are doing the same. Still, almost unbelievably, many ecommerce websites are not investing in the mobile experience for their customers and it is costing them business. Did you have any panning or zooming to do in order to read this article properly? No. Would you even be reading this very sentence if you HAD needed to pan or zoom? Almost certainly not.

Sort your site out for the season - contact Brick Web today for your FREE consultation, website review and SEO report. Have a Merry e-Christmas with Brick.

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