The Brick Factory: Book your FREE Demonstration Today!

The Brick Factory: Book your FREE Demonstration Today!

The Brick Factory offers a unique turnkey solution to online merchandising businesses, such as those the provide direct-to-garment (DTG) and print-on-demand (POD) services. Comprising a selection of powerful tools, the Brick Factory allows users to control every aspect of their business, from designing and sourcing products right through to delivery to your customers.

The Brick Factory is a cloud portal: all of the technology is based in the cloud and is thus not reliant on installed software. This lets users freely operate their business in real-time from any location using any device, whether mobile, tablet or desktop. All of your channel sales can be instantly viewed and managed from one simple, secure control centre.

One element of the Brick Factory is business process automation, designed to save the user precious time and money. Your entire workflow is displayed in real-time on a personalised factory dashboard, complete with order processing statistics and alerts to critical issues. Within this overview, you can see custom workflows for every product and process type.

Another key element of the Brick Factory is our state-of-the-art Designer Module, which allows you to quickly create and design products that can be infinitely customised by you and your customers. Images can be uploaded at lightning speeds and are automatically saved for future use or to create other products with. Advanced editing features ensure that you can fine tune everything exactly the way you want it.

Once a product has been created and approved, the Brick Factory order fulfillment and drop-shipping process begins. Our superlative shipping system allows every dispatch to be personalised, ensuring that your customers will come back again and again.

Brick technology would like to offer you a complete demonstration of the Brick Factory, absolutely free and at your convenience. The demonstration will take around one hour and promises to completely change the way you do business, offering countless improvements. Get in touch with our team and book your demo today!

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