The Brick Factory: Christmas is Coming...

The Brick Factory: Christmas is Coming...

With the internet offering a near-infinite choice of products for sale, online shoppers are becomingly increasingly attracted to customised products in their search for unique gift ideas.

This attraction reaches its peak during the Christmas period and, with new data from Wowcher suggesting that Christmas shopping begins as early as August, there has never been a better time for retailers of personalised merchandise to establish a strong, lasting and ultimately profitable presence online.

For more than two decades, Brick technology has been at the cutting-edge of web development and internet marketing. Our team has always focused on being innovative and forward-thinking, allowing us to create and maintain world-class ecommerce websites that help our clients to grow and evolve. The latest innovation from the team is the Brick Factory, a secure online portal the represents a total turnkey solution for print-on-demand merchandising factories.

The Brick Factory offers the user an outstanding array of useful features which together allow for the complete management of a merchandising factory from any internet-enabled device. It includes a wide selection of modules for both you and your customers, resulting in precious time- and cost-savings and a more fulfilling online experience. All of your operations can be quickly and securely synchronised with major accounting systems as well as a wide selection of supply chains.

Integration with suppliers' databases and inventories is easy when using the Brick Factory, giving your customers many thousands of product choices and improving your online profile. Big names like Amazon, Wordpress, Shopify, eBay and WooCommerce are all fully supported and you can also take advantage of our powerful CSV/API integration tool, which will allow to you to integrate seamlessly with unique stores.

There are so many other features of the Brick Factory that it would be impossible to list them in one single article. Instead, we invite you to experience the system for yourself by booking a online demonstration. Provided without charge and lasting just one hour, this demonstration is the first step towards online success, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Contact us to book yours today!

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