Top tips for link building

1. Submit your RSS feed

If you have a new blog then you most likely already have an RSS feed created for you.

What’s you want to do is make sure that you submit your RSS feed to various RSS feed aggregators. You can read more about submitting your feeds and a list of directories here:

Submit your RSS Feed to Quality RSS Directories

The most important of these is Google reader:

If you don’t have an account with Google reader I highly suggest that you get one. Whenever you submit a new RSS feed to follow with Google reader it notifies Google of the site’s existence.

2. Google bookmarks

Google along with other major search engines has given people the ability to have their own customized home page. Part of this customization includes having a list of bookmarks of sites the user wants to visit again.

Anytime Google sees a bookmark on someone’s page I suspect that they add it to their list of sites to visit.
If you’re not familiar with the Google homepage just go to:
Hotmail and Yahoo also offer similar services and I highly recommend you take advantage of them.

3. Use Craigslist

Another creative way for Google to notice your new site is to get a link on Craigslist. Now this is a little gray hat or black hat depending on who you ask so please don’t abuse it. So what you want to do is go to Craigslist for some large city like Chicago and then look for Gigs and then for writing.

You’re going to post something under Gigs >> Writing about how you are looking for a potential writer for your blog.

Be sure to include a link to your website with the proper keywords in the anchor tag.

For example:
<a href="">My keywords here</a>

Google crawls Craigslist frequently and will find your link. I highly suggest doing this only once in one city. Another side benefit of this is that you might actually find a good writer to help you produce content for your site.

Please don’t abuse this.

4. Post comments on blogs that don’t use nofollow

Posting relevant comments on blogs that don’t have nofollow in their links is another great way to get indexed very fast.

For more information on how to find blogs that don’t use nofollow go here:

How to find nofollow blogs and why you should avoid nofollow blogs

5. Buy links

If you have some money and very little time then simply buying some links might be the easiest way to go.

6. Article marketing

Writing articles and submitting them to Ezine Articles and quality article sites like Articlebase.­com,, Articlecity.­com, etc is another good way to get indexed quickly.

Here is few quality article submission website list where you can make quality back links,


7. Social media

Social media can be a great way for you to get exposure to your site. But submitting your site to zillions of different social media sites can be a major pain.

Services like have really simplified this process.

8. Link exchanges

Link exchanges are one of the oldest ways for people to get exposure to their website and get indexed. You can search Google looking for link exchanges but that’s kind of a pain and can be very time consuming.

Luckily there are services like linked market http://­www.­linkmarket.­com where people looking to exchange links come together.

9. Become the Top Commentator on blogs

This method takes more time than the others but can help you get indexed and build tons of backlinks super fast.

The method involves placing a few comments on a blog so you show up on their list of “Top Commentators” which gives you a backlink to your site. The best part is that this list (with the backlink to your site) is displayed on every page of the blog.

10. Get Free One-Way Backlinks

There are a few sites that will give you a free one-way backlinks with no strings attached.

11. Harness The Power Of StumbleUpon
What you need to do is signup for an account with and stumble one of your pages on your sites. Then if you can get one of your friends to stumble it too then you’ll start getting traffic. All you need is 1-3 people to stumble your site.

So make some friend on Stumbleupon. If you get some stumble and return them favour and stumble their sites too.

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