Viruses: what's all the fuss about?

Viruses: what's all the fuss about?

The term ‘Virus’ has been splashed across the media in recent months due to the Corona Virus epidemic spreading across the Globe. However, this chatter of viruses has got the team thinking, how safe do you feel against online viruses?

Similar to biological viruses that hijack body cells, computer viruses piggyback onto legitimate application codes in order to spread and replicate throughout your computer. It’s key to understand that a computer virus is not a standalone programme but a code snippet that inserts itself into other applications so that when that application runs the virus can execute the code, allowing the application to do all the ‘ground work.’

Although, how do you avoid contracting these invisible threats? 

Like a biological virus, there are steps that can be taken to avert the entire ordeal of losing files or leaking information. Similar to how #TeamBrick are taking steps to reduce the risk of Corona Virus with remote working and hand sanitizer, preventing malicious malware can be just as easy!

Viruses can vary from irritating to downright malicious, so it’s key to know how you can protect yourself and potentially client’s information against the malignant malware. A first key step against protecting your business is an antivirus software and a strong firewall.

An unprotected computer is like an open door for computer viruses. Firewalls protect your digital information and hide your PC from online scammers looking for easy targets. Brick Technology are SSL certified and Cyber essential plus qualified. Being SSL certified means all data passed between Brick and clients is private, secure and encrypted to deter the risk of viruses or scammers handling ours and your information. Our Cyber Essential Plus verification implements that our security is ready to defend against the common attacks we see all too frequently in the digital age.  

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