What is Web Design?

Brick technology is the leading providers of web design services within Lancashire. Our web design service is second to none and world class results can be achieved but in effect what is web design?

This is quite a generalised term which has been used to describe the tasks which are involved in creating a web page online. Specifically web design involves the creation of a front end web page whereby users can come and utilise in order to purchase products and services through e-commerce or just to gain extra information through say a brochure website.

Going online is daunting; there simply is a whole wealth of information which is presented to the user using different technologies and all linked together using hyperlinks but web design is based upon two factors:

  • Presentation of web design for a user to interact with
  • Presentation of web design for non-human browsers to interact with

Speaking to a human being user is simple we can write content in their language and explain what it is we want them to do through calls to action but how do you communicate with a browser or a non-human user? The way in which you communicate with a browser is actually through HTML code and sometimes the more strict version is known as XHTML but because browsers do not have eyes a web designer is able to tell the browser how a web page should appear.

The process of web design isn’t an easy one as there are so many factors which need to be carefully considered. One of the major items is that unfortunately not all browsers interpret HTML code in the same way and so a web design might appear perfect in one browser but then it may appear in a mess if viewed on another browser.

In addition to browsers interpreting the HTML code in different ways a web designer also has to consider that people will be accessing from a whole range of platforms and devices which will mean that the screen sizes, resolution and display settings will be apparent and this can cause a problem to a web designer in that they have to create a web design which is attractive on a number of browsers and across varying platforms and devices.

When you come to Brick technology for a web design it is important to note that they are viewable across a whole range of platforms and browsers.

Overall though web designs can be completed for virtually any project you can think of. Brick technology has a number of clients from a wide range of backgrounds. If you are looking for web design or you are looking for a new web design provider then come to us. We provide all the services you need under one roof from web development, internet marketing and media production.

For more information then please call us on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk.

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