Writing Compelling News Headlines - Take 2

In reality a web design and your company website is there to draw in visitors to your site and this can be done through regularly updating your latest news with engaging content which features compelling news headlines.

You need to attract the right people, quality visitors who are your ideal customer otherwise you are going to end up with a high bounce rate. They will jump right into your site, see it’s not for them and leave – bouncing right back out!

One of the easiest ways to get visitors to your site is through engaging content which could well lead them to your site however once on the site you need to have lots of fresh, engaging and useful content which they can benefit from. This will encourage them to look around the site further and go deeper into your pages through the use of site through in text links.

Although we are not asking for everyone to be a world class journalist what you need to do is write compelling headlines which will grab a reader’s attention and lead them into your site. Within these headlines you need to include some of your keywords and phrases.

Top Tips for Writing a Compelling Headline:

  • Make the headline readable and straight to the point – make it attention grabbing and snappy! Our eyes move at such a fast rate that really long and complicated headlines will be avoided because they seem like too much effort.

Example: “Kill Your Japanese Knotweed Now!” rather than “To Kill Your Japanese Knotweed Make Sure You Use Roundup Pro-Biactive and Dispose of it Properly”

  • Do not overpower them with advertising messages because in reality we spent the majority of our lives being bombarded by various advertising messages and so we definitely do not want to go online and become further bombarded by advertising messages and companies trying to shove their products and services in our faces. For news you should write about something which will benefit them rather than constantly self-promoting.

Example: “Top Tips for Laying Turf” rather than “Amazing Turf for the Perfect Lawn”

  • Think sub-heading! It may seem like a bit of a pointless thing to write however, sub-headings are really effective and this will offer your reader a little bit more information about your particular product or service at a very quick glance without the need for in depth scanning which could be a waste of their time and effort.

Example: “Mobile Phones” with the sub-heading “make calls, texts and browse the internet as well as taking pictures so memories are never forgotten”, rather than “Mobile Phone” and no subheading.

Brick technology are always emphasising to our internet marketing clients about how important content is and because of Google’s new algorithm they want to provide the searcher with the most up to date information and therefore now is the best time to keep your news feed up to date.

Many clients simply do not have the time to write news items however, we have our very own web editor on hand to help you write these on the topics of your choice. Speak to us today and see what we can do for you!

For more information then please contact us on 01254 277190 or email info@brickweb.co.uk

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